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College Tip #4

*Buy earplugs.

You never know how loud your apartment will be until you get there. My room is located at the beginning of the hall with wood flooring (so every noise can be heard….oh how I miss you, absorbant carpet!). I made sure to assert myself to my roommates early on however and ask that they be a little more respectful when “A” and I are trying to sleep and it is 11:45 and I have a 7:45 class the next day. That has helped some, but sometimes the inevitable happens; someone puts dish soap in the dish-washer instead of cascade and it explodes with bubbles causing the whole apartment to riotously laugh. Such is life:) Additionally, my window looks out on a lovely ally that echos every sweet nothing romantic couples like to whisper to each other on any given night. So far I haven’t heard any juicy conversations, but will keep you updated! 😉

I looked for earplugs at Walmart, but they only had the hunting ones (no surprise being Idaho). The girl who showed me where  the earplugs were at Walmart told me she had been hunting every day last week and had no problems with them. However, I wanted to look for ear-plugs a little less-heavy-duty. so I bought these little babies at albertsons and have been sleeping soundly every night. They are my new best friends! The ones I bought are called “hearos” haha because they are my “heros”! Anyways, I love them.

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