I got a funny phone call from my sister the other day that went something like this:


Me: Hello?

Melinda: Hey! So I am in the bookstore and I wanna buy your dress!

Me: What?

Melinda: Well, Mom and Dad already bought me a graduation present in the bookstore (running shorts) but I really want the dress that Sarah say’s you already have. Do you mind?

Me: No, just don’t wear it the same time as me.

Melinda: okay thanks, bye!

Me: ….so how have things be–oh, okay bye.


I love Melinda haha 🙂


I love this dress. I would encourage anyone else who is reading to buy it to if you so desire. Already i’ve had 5 people ask me where I got it and individually ask if they could get it too. Sure!

Get it at 






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